Our Group comprises four companies


We offer the best quality-price-service relationship in our sector, adapting to the needs of our customers and committing to their complete satisfaction.

TEICOCIL Group was founded in 1979 by the Teixeira, Costa, and Silva families. Motivated by a vocation for service, we endeavor to offer solutions capable of satisfying our clients' needs, starting from our beginnings in the locksmith sector.
Two years later, in 1981, encouraged by several of our top customers, we ventured into the height solutions sector and began manufacturing ladders. Gradually, we expanded our product range, covering all segments of this sector today (domestic, industrial, DIY, and professional), establishing ourselves as leaders in the manufacturing of such products on the peninsula.
Years later, in 1993, we identified the existing need in the area for sanitation and plumbing. After several months of study, we decided to create a division to address this sector, giving rise to AFJ Artigos Sanitarios, a company within the group that handles it.
Being present in various sectors provides us with a global perspective, coupled with significant synergies that enable us to offer our customers better solutions.
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Founded in 1981, Ferral – José Luís & Cía. Lda. is a leading company in the manufacture of aluminum ladders. With over four decades of constant evolution, our organization has expanded its scope of activity, currently boasting six modern manufacturing sections covering a total area of 16,000 m2. The production unit is located 30 km south of the Port of Leixões (Porto), providing a competitive advantage for the export market. This has allowed Ferral to diversify its product portfolio and customer base, reaching clients around the world.

Since 1968, we have been providing high-value solutions to our customers, establishing ourselves as a leading group in the manufacturing of accessories for blinds, awning systems, and glazing. Recognizing the demands of the world and the need to continuously create value for our customers, the company has undertaken an ambitious process of expansion and the renewal of its corporate identity.

AFJ – Artigos Sanitários, Lda was established in 1993, creating a business unit dedicated to the marketing of sanitary articles. With 25 years of activity, the company boasts over 8,000m2 of facilities and a specialized sales team in faucets, sanitation, screens, etc., designed under rigorous quality standards at competitive prices. AFJ maintains a prominent position in both the national and export markets. We work day by day to maximize the value delivered to our customers, assuming an ethical commitment and respect towards all parties involved in our project.

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Founded in 1979, TEICOCIL focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of locksmithing and tool products, holding a leading position in its sector in Portugal. The strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise acquired over its 40 years of existence, coupled with its presence in both national and international markets, enable TEICOCIL to serve with quality, maintaining a significant presence in various markets. With over 14,000 m2, TEICOCIL has a robust team of professionals dedicated to ensuring the excellent performance of its products, providing a service capable of achieving the ongoing satisfaction of all our customers.



For us, it is the fundamental basis of the prosperous and lasting relationships we maintain with our customers.


The close contact with our customers and collaborators allows us to understand their needs and adapt our value proposition to them in any circumstance.

Value creation

We offer our customers a value proposition that provides benefits in the short, medium, and long term.

Flexibility & Service Vocation

We offer our customers "a tailor-made suit for their needs."

The dedication to service has deeply influenced every member of the TEICOCIL family over the years, leading to a proposal meticulously tailored to our clients’ needs, ensuring the highest quality-price-service relationship in the market. With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, we have the flexibility to meet our clients’ diverse requirements, providing personalized products of the highest quality and optimal service conditions. Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, who have been with us throughout this journey, we have attained a leadership position in two of our key product lines: Aluminum Stairs and Blind Accessories.

Our collaborative model provides our customers with comprehensive guidance, keeping them informed about any technical advancements or regulatory changes related to our products. This empowers them to deliver the best service to the end-user in turn.

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Juan Emilio Sellés Sancho
General Manager

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José María Perales Vidal
Commercial Director